Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "BARANTUM" or "US") in this case as an institution that has a high commitment to all matters relating to the protection of data that you store in our media. We are fully responsible for the various types of data that you have, so we feel the need with full responsibility and dedication to maintain and manage all data entrusted to us with the principles of data security in accordance with applicable regulations.

Security System

Barantum is very serious in maintaining your security. We are aware and know that you entrust Barantum with important information and documents that you have. Your information is encrypted and protected with leading technology and security.

To protect your data, we have implemented International SSL & HTTPS standards with 2048-bit certificate encryption. This standard is a tool to implement a security system for the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data available to us.

We also always try to improve the security of your data by using the latest technology and strive to comply with all applicable regulations, especially those related to third parties / related parties. Because our commitment is that all client data stored in our system is our priority to protect it from any conditions.

We encrypt every data that can be known as the customer's property

In our system, all your data is stored securely, with keys that are made specifically for each user. We encrypt any data that can be known as the customer's property, including your name & e-mail address.

For the security of your password, we use Hashing technology to minimize password cracking to a minimum. We apply the same technique to all file You uploaded.

Like other systems, the security of your information also depends on you. Choose a strong password (we do our best to guide you to do this and protect you from breaking passwords), and never tell or distribute it to others.

Secure Your data when in transit

Even if someone tries to “eavesdrop” on your communication, they still cannot decrypt the data. All communication between Barantum and you is encrypted with SSL using a 2048-bit certificate, and we require SSL for all communications. This technique is done so that even if someone tries to “eavesdrop” on your communication, they still won't be able to decryption to steal your data.


This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as "POLICY") is designed to collect and manage data in accordance with what is in our interest to serve you. Specifically the management of data contained in: & (hereinafter referred to as "SITE"), dan atau aplikasi CRM yang kami kembangkan di (hereinafter referred to as "PRODUCT"). By using a CRM product and accessing our site, you agree to and are directly bound by the matters contained in the policy.

Therefore, we hope you will read and understand all matters related to this privacy policy.

Our way of collecting Your data

Barantum CRM application is a business application that is engaged in Customer Relationship Management. Where the use of this application is for all types of industries and categories of companies in Indonesia. So that when you use the CRM Barantum application that starts with accessing the site, then directly or indirectly you have provided some of your personal data for the purposes of the data we need in running this application. Where some of the data that you have provided to us is what we will directly store and protect with a security and convenience data storage system that complies with the provisions contained in this Policy. As for some initial data related to you, such as the following personal data: Your full name, company name and position in the company, office and cellular telephone numbers to your age data.

All of the data that you input into the Barantum system, we consider to be correct data. And all matters relating to these data are your responsibility as a user of this CRM application. Where we as the organizer of the application only as a medium for data storage and data processing services - the data, without the right to use the data for anything.

The form of implementation of various data that you input into the Barantum application, is only used according to the function of the application itself as follows:

  1. We use personal data as a basic data that shows the number of users (active users of Barantum CRM in accordance with updating the time).
  2. Organizational / company data is the basic data that we use to make related analyzes: what kind of variations or types of industries and categories of companies are incorporated in CRM Barantum members.
  3. Sharing of data to third parties: basically we will never do it in any form except to get the agreement of you as the account owner. As for if you (the user) with and for one reason or another makes a request to us to share data with third parties, the procedure we will carry out is as follows:
    1. We have received approval from the PIC (company responsible).
    2. We get authorization to share data in accordance with your agreement with third parties after point "A" is fulfilled first.
    3. We will not get any sanctions from your company or you as an account holder in relation to what we do at point "B".
    4. We will not be responsible for further conditions after points A, B, C are fulfilled and we provide data to third parties.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are text files that are placed on your computer and cell phone. Where the function of cookies is for recording purposes. We use cookies to help you make it easier to use the product. Cookies cannot be used to run programs or send viruses to your computer. However, cookies will function to record your data such as the data you store on the Site or Product.

Examples of use are: If you create an account on the Site, cookies will help us to remember data specific to your next visit. When you return to the Site, the data that you provided previously will appear again. With conditions like this, your work process becomes easier with you activate your cookies. Another function of cookies is that it can be used by other parties to be able to analyze data for us. As Google Analytics does, they will collect your data that cannot be identified as private with all their activities, especially when using the product.


And to facilitate communication between the two parties, both from your side or Barantum's side. If in your trip you have a complaint or input about the data that you have or the data in our system. Then you can submit a request for an answer or contact us via E-mail :

Changes to Privacy Policy

With all the things we have explained above, we hereby explain that we have the right and authority to change or improve this Policy whenever we feel we need to revise or improve it in accordance with existing conditions. Where we will automatically upload the latest Policy to the Site. Policy updates that occur directly will affect your use of the Site and Products concerned. But before that we will try to always update or provide the latest information related to the revision or changes in our Policy (of course if we feel we need to convey to clients within the timeframe that we adjust to the needs). By reading and understanding all of the discussion about Security and Privacy, as long as you are still using the Barantum CRM application, you will immediately agree to everything that is included in the content on this Security and Privacy page.

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